Comité français des aérosols
What is an aerosol ?

An aerosol, or more precisely, an aerosol dispenser, is a pressurized recipient containing :

  • an active product and one or more solvents
  • a gas propellant or a mixture of gas propellants (liquefied or compressed gases)

This container is equipped with a valve and a spray cap.

When you press the spray cap, this activates the valve, allowing the product to be sprayed in the form of droplets, foam, paste or powder.

The packaging of an aerosol is most often made of metal, steel (tinplate) or aluminium; aerosols are more rarely made of glass or plastic, in which case they are referred to as “bottles”.

1  Spray cap -
2  Internal seal -
3  External seal -
4  Cup -
5  Stem -
6  Internal valve -
7  Spring -
8  Valve body -
9  Dip tube