Comité français des aérosols
Recycling domestic packaging Greatly used in everyday life due to their convenience, once empty, aerosol can be integrated into the normal domestic waste treatment process as defined by French decree No. 92-377 dated April 1st, 1992.

Used aerosol cans are general-purpose packaging integrated into the normal flow of used packaging managed as part of the systems developed by Eco-Emballages or Cyclamed.

Either after separate collection or post-incineration sorting (magnetic sorting for steel, Eddy-current sorting for aluminium), both metal cans and glass aerosol bottles are recycled.

Incineration treatment and separate collection (baling operation) generate no risk of explosion due to the presence of residual gases.

In fact, statistics show that, firstly most used aerosols are nearly empty and, secondly, the residual gas concentration is well below the lower explosion limit.

In conclusion, on the face of it, the treatment of used aerosol cans generates no risk and is not a sufficient reason to introduce a specific collection. Used aerosol cans are general-purpose packaging which integrate the normal flow of domestic waste.