Comité français des aérosols
Planète aérosol Publishing :  December 2009
Mieux connaître les aérosols Publishing :  March 2008
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Découvertes Publishing :  February 2007

Designed like a real newspaper and featuring plenty of illustrations, the magazine is entertaining, educational and contains a mine of information. You will find a full feature on sustainable development and the ecological issues of aerosols, news, a section on new products, on technology and manufacturing secrets, portraits from the industrial world, a report on recycling and safety, an interview with the President of the CFA and even a Quiz for young readers.

"Découverte" is free, order it now.

Mon ami l'aérosol - une étude unique sur l'image des aérosols Publishing :  January 2007

• How are aerosols actually perceived ?
• What do consumers currently expect ?
• What are the advantages of the product and the possible psychological and cultural factors of reluctance to use it ?

The CFA was keen to provide the profession with these indicators through the survey conducted by QUALIPSY, an institute specialising in qualitative surveys, product testing and brand image evaluation.
You will find all the profiles of aerosol users, the advantages/restraints on use and the future changes planned for aerosols.
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Dossier d'information : Aérosols Publishing :  January 2004
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Il était une fois les aérosols Publishing :  June 2002
Educational document, in the form of a cartoon strip, for children aged between 8 and 13
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Le transport des aérosols - Guide Publishing :  January 2001
Given the number and complexity of transport regulations applicable to aerosols, the Comité Français des Aérosols decided, in collaboration with the firm Form-Edit, to publish a book summarising the rules applicable to the carriage of aerosols by road, rail, sea or air. This practical guide is entitled Le Transport Réglementé des Aérosols (regulated transport of aerosols).

The guide can also be purchased from Form-Edit.
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Code de bonnes pratiques Publishing :  January 2001
The code of practice is a highly useful tool for the entire aerosol industry to comply with clear, precise and fair rules relating to aerosols. The Guide de Bonnes Pratiques (Best Practices Guide) does not solely assert strict compliance with regulations in force, it displays how keen the entire industry is to assume its responsibilities as "Manufacturer". Above and beyond the legal obligations, it is designed to guarantee that the end user is correctly informed and that consumers are protected. If you would like to receive the Guide, send us an email.
Les Aérosols Aujourd'hui - DVD Publishing :  January 1998
In 1998, the Commission de la Sécurité des Consommateurs (consumer safety commission - C.S.C.) and the Comité Français des Aérosols (French Aerosol Committee - C.F.A.) jointly decided to conduct tests on the conditions in which aerosols are used and their safety for consumers. These tests were performed in 1999 by an independent laboratory, the Centre National de Prévention et de Protection (C.N.P.P.) to assess the level of safety of aerosol dispensers available in the market. At the end of the tests, the C.S.C. and the C.F.A. decided it would be a good idea to work together on the production of an educational video. This video cassette presents current aerosol technology and the rules that consumers must respect to use aerosols safely. The cassette comes with a data sheet providing useful tips and the references of applicable legislation.