Comité français des aérosols
Instructions for safe use Aerosol technology is designed to use a small amount of the product (so aerosol packaging is economical). Spraying too much product is therefore pointless.
Aerosol technology requires the use of liquefied or compressed gas propellants. When these gases or other aerosol components are flammable, the packaging features one of these two symbols :
What you should do
Carefully read the instructions for use on the packaging.
Store and keep out of reach of children.
Once empty, simply discard the aerosol packaging in a bin or in the selective recycling bin intended for packaging. Do not bore or burn.
Always apply short repeated sprays instead of long sprays (except, for example, in the case of paint sprays). Ventilate well after use.
What you should not do
Do not light flames or smoke when using an aerosol.
The contents of an aerosol must not be inhaled, especially in case of a respiratory pathology (except in the case of some medicines).
Keep your aerosols away from heat, in well ventilated rooms (never in direct sunlight or on the rear shelf of a car).