Comité français des aérosols
CFA's mission The role of the CFA is to maintain the perenity of the aerosol industry and to help to develop the aerosol product. This is mainly :
  • Instigating improvement in the safety of product use, production, storage and transport.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of aerosol packaging and components.
  • Anticipating and taking part in the drafting of aerosol-related regulations.
  • Anticipating and taking part in the management of any incidents relating to the production and use of aerosols.
  • Training and informing the various industrial and institutional players on the different technical and regulatory aspects.
  • Promoting innovation and more generally the development of aerosols.
  • Informer et communiquer vers les consommateurs sur la bonne utilisation des aérosols, tant pour l’utilisateur que pour l’environnement.
  • Representing the interests of the aerosol industry to the legislator, the media and main opinion leaders.
In the fulfilment of our role, we are driven by the following fundamental values :
  • Respect for Individuals and Employees.
  • Respect for Suppliers and Partners, for Customers and Consumers.
  • Intégrité dans la conduite des affaires
  • Environmental Safety.