Comité français des aérosols
A little of history
The idea of aerosol comes from the Greeks. During the Antiquity, one was already thinking of spraying liquids and fragrances. One thinks to spray liquids in the air or on the skin.
The idea of spraying liquids goes back a long time. In 1862, a U.S. patent dealt with the spraying of liquids contained in a bottle using a valve and a dip tube. But it wasn’t until the years 1927-1931 that the Norwegian Erik Rotheim invented the aerosol principle.
During the Second World War, two American researchers, Goodhue and Sullivan, used Rotheim’s patent to meet the U.S. Army’s need for efficient protection against insects and mosquitoes. The first aerosol was therefore a military insecticide.
In 1943, a U.S. patent was granted to L.D. Goodhue and W.M. Sullivan.After the war, the idea of using aerosol packaging for civilian purposes became increasingly popular.
In France, the aerosol industry dates back to the middle of the ‘50s. After insecticides, numerous products appeared on the market, such as cosmetic products, perfumes, hairsprays, air fresheners, food products (such as pressurized whipped cream), and were adopted by consumers.
Nowadays, after fifty years of high technology development, aerosols are part of our everyday life, in the bathroom, the kitchen, the workshop or the garage. They are also used to package certain medicines.
Finally, in industry, they are used for extremely sophisticated technical products.
Since the fifties, the aerosol is part of our every day life
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