Companies have a social, economic and environmental responsiblity ; the aerosols industry is concerned !
The issues our association works on with its members, and also with its counterparts in Europe and around the world, show to what extent the topic of aerosols is dealt with in a responsible manner.

This 8th edition confirmed that this annual, international gathering is a driving force in communication, innovation and the development of the aerosols and dispensing industry.
The General Assembly was held in the ADF2014 conference hall at the end of the first day. A report was given on CFA projects and the issues that call for lobbying :
Aerosol labelling currently complies with the provisions of the dangerous substances and preparations directives that will be replaced by the CLP regulation on the 1st June 2015 (while not yet binding, the CLP regulation can be implemented as of now).
Two training courses will take place in 2014